Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the book is lost, and has to be rescued!

So there hasn't been any reaction yet. Maybe you guys can help out! The last person to talk to after Mike Die was Daniel Fleres and he mailed me that -after almost a year- the doodle book was finally send with his sketch to Yosiell Lorenzo (project detonate) but he didn't replie to any emails. Months after that I received a nameless email from the distorted perception that the book is back in New York and they love the project, but again no replies what so ever.

Now if you know any of these guys and you'd like to get the project back on track then contact them and tell them to let us know how and what the situation is because we are curious and we want to see fresh photos of the book or any information. It's about time and artists worldwide are waiting to doodle in the book.