Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the book is lost, and has to be rescued!

So there hasn't been any reaction yet. Maybe you guys can help out! The last person to talk to after Mike Die was Daniel Fleres and he mailed me that -after almost a year- the doodle book was finally send with his sketch to Yosiell Lorenzo (project detonate) but he didn't replie to any emails. Months after that I received a nameless email from the distorted perception that the book is back in New York and they love the project, but again no replies what so ever.

Now if you know any of these guys and you'd like to get the project back on track then contact them and tell them to let us know how and what the situation is because we are curious and we want to see fresh photos of the book or any information. It's about time and artists worldwide are waiting to doodle in the book.


Monday, 20 December 2010


Oh joy, there seems to be a little movement again! The last person to have the book told me he had send it to an other artist, and I've mailed them both to confirm and send me some pictures of the book and of course the new doodles. Now since we all are very curious about how the book's doing and where it's at with traveling, I'll be updating again about the journey as soon as the mails come in.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hi guys, well you probably know by now the project has stopped. Man, I was kind of convinced this would be a seriously nice trip around the world for the book (and his followers!) but this is a thing that only works if the people who contribute also cooperate, and so in this case it isn't going. The last person to receive the book is not replying emails anymore for a few months so uhm, yes, that's it. Looks like the end of the project.

Anyway, thanks to everybody for contributing and all the people supporting the 50 doodles project.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

short note

It has been a while since the last doodler and people are getting curious about what's going on. The book had a long break in between and I wasn't able to trace it for a few weeks, but everything got back together really well. It has been confirmed that the book was received at the new guest and he's now on it so we can expect a new entrance very soon!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Nr 4 - Mike Die, New York, USA

Back on track! The following doodle came from artist Mike Die, NY.

His style is different and something you would not normally see from a graffiti writer, and that's exactly what makes it special. On his drawing table/wall spaceships are the main elements and are created with all types of media from spray paint to acrylics to paint markers. Mike's dream is to one day have some pieces of art presented in the MOMA (NY) and to be in a Kidrobot Dunny vinyl series, so if you're interested in his works check out more of him at his Myspace or Facebook pages!

The book had a bit of delay -must've been the nice weather- but it's traveling again and next guest house will be at a certain 'Mr Fleres' from Cali!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nr 3 - Melodreama, Toronto, Canada

This doodle came from Melody Llewellyn, A.K.A. Melodreama, based in Toronto!

After recieving it from Bara, Melodreama made this love bombing illustration. She is an experienced illustrator and to say it in her own words 'With a passion for the arts and her head in the clouds she creates and grows finding inspiration in anything and everything'. Check her website for more works -especially the popcakes!- and get fresh news from her blog at

Next visit will be the U.S.!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Nr 2 - Ale Bara, New York, USA

So there it is! The second entry all the way from New York, made by a Guatemalan girl aka Bara.

Alejandra Barahona is a professional illustrator, designer and enjoys life which -as you can see- she showed in the book really nice! Outside her daily job she spends loads of time working on exhibitions, volunteering, enjoying designs and off course: more illustrating! You can see more of her work on or check her daily blog about design, green products and double purpose gadgets ->

The book is now on it's way to Canada.. I can't wait to see the next one!